Top Five Things to Do in the Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera
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Everyone knows it’s challenging to summarize things to do in the Italian Riviera for a traveling plan. The Riviera is a narrow coastal strip between the mountain chain and the Ligurian Sea. It is among the most beautiful and attractive parts of Italy, located in the northwest of this country.

Tourists can enjoy the beautiful and amazing sightseeing views of this outstanding place. However, Portofino is one of the most visited parts to enjoy in Italian Riviera. Visiting this place offers attractive beaches, resort towns, stylish Rapallo, and boat trails. You will find it to be the most amazing and breathtaking picturesque area.

The most popular area here is the Riviera di Levante, known for its rugged cliffs, pestle seaside, and towns. The sea’s attractions and favorable climates have long drawn leisurely tourists during the winter season. It has many stylish, charming, and brightly coloured villages, tempting visitors for more than two centuries.

Many people like to travel to seaside areas and beaches on their holidays for relaxation and freshness. If you’re thinking of traveling here, you must know about it. So, keep reading this post to learn which things you can do in the Italian Riviera.

1. Explore the Scenic Coastal Towns

Italian Riviera costal towns

You can find many beautiful towns in the Italian Riviera, like Camogli and Portovenere. These are some of the most captivating towns on the Ligurian coast, and they hold a special place in the tourist’s heart. They have many places steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful and attractive sightseeing views.

Tourists can enjoy the amazing picturesque areas, water activities like swimming, and boat trails. Exploring the beautiful views and attractive beaches is among the best things to do in the Italian Riviera scenic coastal towns. Their natural beauty attracts tourists and creates a truly magical experience. UNESCO World Heritage site boasts five charming villages—Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore—each perched dramatically on the Ligurian coast.

2. Savouring the Flavors of the Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera foods

Italian Riviera has many best traditional flavors to enjoy, like ricotta cheese, certain seafood, eggplants, pesto, and focaccia. You will feel boosted, pleasant, and relaxed after eating its soft, fluffy and delicious food. If you want to know about its foods more, we have discussed some of the savoring flavors below:

Pesto Genovese

Italian Riviera Pesto Genovese

Pesto Genovese is an Italian traditional sauce made from basil leaves, pine nuts, olive oil, garlic, parmesan, and salt. It is the world’s second most popular sauce for topping foods like fish, poultry, pasta, and vegetables. This sauce offers a delightful, pungent, and bright flavor when eaten.

You can find it in the Liguria region, and it can be used as eggplant and tzatziki dip. When you’re eating any food, you must use pesto sauce because it boosts the flavor. It originated in Genoa, in the 16th century, a northern region of Italy, and is famous due to its versatility.


Italian Riviera Focaccia

Focaccia is a flat, crispy, and golden from top Italian bread similar to pizza dough. It was made of flour, yeast, oil, water, and salts, usually used for making sandwiches. Focaccia is fluffy and thick, has an amazing taste, and can be found in the Liguria region. If you want to eat something crispy and delicious, order it with a meal and enjoy.

Seafood Delicacies

Italian seafood, mainly from the Veneto region, is delicious and tossed with sauces. The most famous type is Calamari, which is very crispy and delicious. You can also eat many other types of seafood, like salmon and lobster. Acqua Pazza, a famous Italian fish dish, looks tasty on a summer plate with crispy garlic crostini.

3. Boat Adventures

Italian Riviera boat adventure

Whenever you visit the Italian Riviera, it is a must to explore the surrounding areas by boat. San Fruttuoso and Portofino are considered to be the most exclusive areas, with beautiful landscapes, great shopping malls and luxury villas and hotels. You can fully enjoy the beautiful seaside views by riding a motorboat or a sailboat.

Moreover, the fastest boat in the world, the trimaran, is among the best things to do on the Italian Riviera. This fantastic boat will give you feelings of relaxation, fun, and adventure during the ride. In the Italian Riviera, you will be offered a variety of charter options for boat trips.

4. Embrace Adventure and Outdoor Activities

Italian Riviera outdoor activities

The Italian Riviera is a tremendous tourist destination due to its pristine views, art, and history. Here, you’ll find the best outdoor things to do in the Italian Riviera with your family. It includes riding a bicycle in the Cinque Terre on the old railway as a memorable activity.

Another outdoor activity is hiking in the middle of historic villages and lush natural beauty. While hiking, you can enjoy the beautiful and alluring views of the medieval village of Portovenere. The capital of Liguria, Genoa, is the perfect place for walking due to its historical funiculars, narrow alleys, etc.

5. Relax on Stunning Beaches

Italian Riviera beaches

During the early summer, visiting the Cinque Terre beach gives relaxation and freshness to your mind. You can see the beautiful coves and particular picturesque beaches in Liguria. It offers a wide choice of charming beaches and things to do in the Italian Riviera with your family.

Among the most popular beaches, Bordighera has deep blue water for a relaxing environment. Lerici is another beautiful beach with stunning views and crystal water. Moreover, the islands of Palmaria, Tino, and Tinetto are perfect places to enjoy swimming in clear water.


Hiking and bike riding in the beautiful areas are among the best things to do in the Italian Riviera. You can experience the most attractive picturesque areas, sightseeing views, and natural landscapes. Moreover, tourists can enjoy taking photos of beautiful sunset views and natural beauty.

If you’re going to travel in this area, you must remember the things we have discussed above. You need to know what is the best time to visit with your family and the best things to do. The best time to visit is late April, early June, or mid-September through October. The best things to do here are hiking, riding boats, and swimming in the clear water.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the Italian Riviera?

The Italian Riviera is a stretch of coastline. It’s also an enchanting mix of history, pristine beaches, panoramic views, and vibrantly coloured homes. This region is famous for its picturesque coastal towns, beautiful beaches, cultural heritage, and culinary delights.

Q2: How can I reach the Italian Riviera?

The Italian Riviera is easily accessible by train, car, or air. Significant cities like Genoa and Nice have international airports, and the region is well-connected by trains and highways.

Q3: Are there family-friendly activities on the Italian Riviera?

Yes, the Italian Riviera offers a range of family-friendly activities like beach outings and hiking trails suitable for children. The overall environment is family-friendly.

Q4: What is the best time to visit the Italian Riviera?

Spring or fall is considered The best time to visit the Italian Riviera. This season’s weather is pleasant, and there are fewer crowds.

Q5: Can I visit multiple coastal towns in a day?

Yes, many coastal towns in the Italian Riviera are close to each other, allowing for day trips. However, planning a more extended stay is advisable to enjoy and explore each city truly.

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