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Mount Sanqing is a sacred mountain located about 40 Km north of Youshan city. There are many things as well as adventures to do in Mount Sanqing for tourists. This mountain is the highest in the series of Huaiyu Mountains. Sanqing Mountain is also famous for its best geological pattern and outstanding scenery in 2005, this area of the mountain became a national geopark. Mount Sanqing is a famous tourist destination. This national park contains more than 2100 species of plants. This national park covers an area of about 229 square kilometres.

There are a lot of things that can be done on Mount Sanqing. But here, we will shortlist the top five things to do on Mount Sanqing that will make this trip remarkable


chair lift adventure is the best thing to do on mount sanqing

Chairlift adventure is the best thing to do on Mount Sanqing. Chairlifts always play a big role in attracting tourists. A chairlift increases the beauty of any tourist spot and is always one of the best things to do on that spot. Chairlift adventure is also a source of seeing outstanding scenery of mountains. 

In Mount Sanqing, you can also enjoy a chairlift adventure and get a chance to sew the beauty of nature from the top. There are two different ways to the highest point region: by chairlift or by foot. The chairlift leaves from the eastern base. The watchman’s path – a sweat-soaked hour and a half walk (2.5km) – leaves from the southern base. There’s no disgrace in accepting the chairlift as the most dynamite climbing is at the top; don’t be hesitant to save your energy. There is a sufficient path that you could undoubtedly go through two days up here, however, one day is additionally possible.


sunshine coast is best adventure on mount sanqing

The Sunshine Coast is located in the east of the Sanqing mountains. The total length of the Sunshine Coast is about 3,500 meters. Sunshine Coast is one of the most beautiful and scenic points on Sanqing Mountain. It is the second-best thing to do in the Sanqing Mountains. This area is a high-altitude plank road in Sanqing Mountain. There are fairy roads, high-altitude glass plank roads, and many other attractions. This coast is also known as the East Coast. It is a remarkable experience to walk across the plank road; the fresh air and vying of birds are immortal.


python mountain is the best adventure to do on mount sanqing

Python Mountains are the third of five beautiful landscapes in this national park. It is the best place for adventure lovers. It has unique and outstanding scenery on every side that brings you close to nature. The monster python came out like an immense boa constrictor and went directly to the sky. The pinnacle is generally similar to a cultivator; the midriff is as thin as a snake’s body. The python mountain attraction is standard in the Sanqing mountains trip. It is also the symbol of the Sanqing mountains.


sanqing palace is the best adventure to do on  mount sanqing

The Sanqing Palace is situated on the turtle rock at the Jiulong Mountain Pass in Sanqing Fudi, the northern piece of Sanqing Mountain. It is 1533 meters above ocean level. The Sanqing Palace is the center of the Taoist culture of Sanqing Mountain. The Sanqing Hall is associated with two sections. It adores the most elevated Taoist divine beings, Yuqing, Shangqing, and Taiqing. Outside the sanctuary, there are stone sculptures left over from history. The whole structure complex is straightforward and robust. This palace has the most vital ability to attract tourists.


west coast is the bset adventure on mount sanqing

Sanqingshan West Coast Scenic Area is likewise called Xihai Road, situated in the west of Sanqingshan Mountain, around 1600 meters above ocean level. It is also known as the West Coast. The tourist detour is made out of the greatest and longest mountain way in China. Situated on the west coast, the west coast is uncommon timberland, with a relaxed walk. This experience isn’t permitted to be situated in the west of Sanqing Mountain on the west shoreline of the West Coast Scenic Area. It is the most open grand spot in Sanqing Mountain. The average ocean level is 1,600 meters. Multiple times, the west coast was the shoreline. The beautiful region ascends from the fork street 50 meters after Liuxiatai and arrives at the Hanxing pool in Sanqing Palace’s picturesque region; the course is around 4 kilometers, of which there is no progression in 3600 meters. The tourist detour is made out of the most significant and longest mountain way in China. Situated on the west coast, the west coast is an uncommon wood, with a comfortable stroll on the bluff precipices, a spectacular perspective on the ocean of mists, the incredible dusk, the ceaseless pinnacles, and the profound gully.

So the virtual tour of the Sanqing Mountains ends here. We hope you enjoy it.

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