Top Five Desserts in Morocco: A Journey Through Arid Beauty

merzouga desert is the one of the best desert in morocco
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Morocco is known for its rich history, unique culture, and stunning landscapes; it is home to a collection of some of the world’s most beautiful desserts. The deserts in Morocco are the most beautiful, popular, and unique places to visit with family among tourists. These deserts have many Oasis, cities, and wildlife that will engage you and never let you leave. The Sahara is the world’s largest hot desert, known for its scarce vegetation and cast dunes.

Visiting this hot desert will give you a memorable, exciting, and magnificent experience. You have to place all of your problems aside to peacefully enjoy the camel riding in the tall sand dunes. This desert also offers enjoyment by playing the drums, sandboarding, and surfing.

Traveling to historical and ancient deserts during holidays is an incredible journey for tourists. It is a place everyone wants to visit and enjoy its beautiful and natural areas. Before traveling, you have to know about the place you’re going to. So, keep on reading the post to learn about the best deserts in this country.

1. The Moroccan Sahara Dessert

sahara is the best dessert in morocco

The Sahara desert is the largest and hot one in North Africa, consisting of 9,000,000 square kilometers. It is well known for its unique and historical sand dunes, natural resources, and hot climate. A major part of the desert consists of many mountains, rocky areas, barran, and salt flats.

This is one of the most visited deserts in Morocco during the Christmas and Easter breaks. Tourists can enjoy beautiful and unique sunset and sunrise views during the spring and autumn. You can easily reach this area from Ouarzazate airport within 6 hours by hiring a taxi or a car.

The Moroccan Sahara is famous for its two primary destinations:

Erg Chebbi Dunes: 

Located near Merzouga, Erg Chebbi is renowned for its towering orange dunes. Some dunes reach up to 150 meters in height. A night spent under the stars in a dessert camp here is an unforgettable experience.

Erg Chigaga Dunes:

Situated near Zagora, the Erg Chigaga Dunes offer a more remote and rugged dessert adventure. A camel trek through this vast expanse is a journey into the heart of the Sahara.

Sahara trip is always full of adventure. There are many things to do in a Sahara trip. Here are the top five things to do in the Sahara dessert.

2. The Agafay Desert

agafy dessert is one of the best desert in morocco

The Agafay desert is a big sandy landmark in Morocco with rocky areas and mountains. Its sand dunes are similar to those of the Sahara desert, located in the high Atlas mountains. It is a tourist destination during holidays due to its luxury camping and gambling offers.

Tourists can enjoy beautiful views of stunning mountains, hiking, quad biking, camping, trekking, and stargazing. If you’re a nature lover, you must visit Takerkoust Lake, a pristine picnic spot, from March to May. You can hire a taxi or a car to reach this desert from Marrakech airport. The Agafay offers a serene and intimate desert experience, often called “Marrakech’s Desert.” It’s an excellent alternative for those seeking a taste of desert tranquility without venturing too far from the city.

3. Tinfou Dunes

tinfou dunes are best desserts in morocco

Tinfou dunes are the most popular and unique desserts in Morocco. They are located in the hot Sahara desert, covering an area of 40 kilometers. This area is the best place for adventure seekers and nature lovers. The beautiful and charming dunes are famous for their peaceful and warm weather.

Tourists can enjoy sunset views from the top of the dunes, riding a camel, and trekking in spring and autumn. They can also enjoy sandboarding, hiking, camping, stargazing, dune bashing, and photography here. This area is easily reached from Ouarzazate airport in 2 hours and 8 minutes. Tinfou is an ideal destination for those looking to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in the peaceful solitude of the desert.

4. Merzouga Desert, crown of Moroccan deserts

merzouga desert is the one of the best dessert in morocco

Merzouga Desert is an iconic and stunning place in the southeast region of the country. It is famous for its tallest sand dunes in Morocco and has diverse, unique, and historical landmarks. The desert covers an area of 1,800 square kilometers and is home to a large number of plant and animal species.

The top tourist attraction here is Erg Chebbi, a group of sand dunes rising 500 feet high in the air. It is the most popular spot for snowboarding, sandboarding, and camel treks. Such a unique and breathtaking desert always offers its visitors something according to their taste.

If you’re going to explore this area, you should travel when the temperature is pleasant. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful and attractive sunset and sunrise views from the top of sand dunes. With the passage of every second, the sun changes its color slowly from butter yellow to ochre, gold, or honey.

Visitors can experience the rich cultural significance, natural beauty, and attractive sunset views in spring and autumn. You have to travel 4 hours by taxi to reach it from Ouarzazate airport. Most people like to visit here because it offers many fun activities, scenic areas, luxury camping, and relaxation.

5. The Draa Valley is a little paradise in Moroccan deserts

dra valley is a beautiful valley in the desserts of morocco

The Dara Valley is a beautiful, cultural, and scenic place in the southern region. It has a 1,100-kilometer area and is home to a diverse population, including Arabs, Hararin, and Barbers. This valley is famous for its red sand dunes, hiking trails, palm groves, and traditional villages.

The valley is worth visiting due to its natural beauty and rich culture. Visitors can enjoy natural dunes in Morocco, which are characterized by rocky outcrops and sand dunes during winter. To reach Draa Valley, visitors have to travel 1 hour and 30 minutes from Ouarzazate airport.

The Draa Valley offers a glimpse into traditional Moroccan life, with its vibrant markets and historic kasbahs (fortified villages). It’s a testament to Morocco’s diverse geography and the ability of life to flourish even in the harshest of environments.


North Africa has many ancient deserts in Morocco, with beautiful and rare sand dunes. These spots are worth visiting due to their friendly locals, relaxing areas, and natural beauty of flora and fauna. Moreover, tourists can enjoy many fun activities here, like camping, hiking, and biking.

This is a famous and great country for Muslims, with a population of 38 million people. You can find a lot of amazing hotels, tasty restaurants, and exciting things to do with your family. This landscape offers many ancient areas, stunning scenery, and charming mountain views to tourists.

Some people like to enjoy and explore the diverse ranges of animals, plants, and bird species. If you’re a nature lover, you must visit this wonderful area to enjoy the natural beauty of different habitats. This country has a wide variety of ecosystems such as marine, deserts, wetlands, agricultural areas, and forests.

Many people like traveling to different historical and pristine places with their families. They need some time to relax, enjoy, and freshen their minds in pleasant weather conditions. If you’re going to travel here, you have to plan a better schedule to enjoy your holiday trip in a better way.

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