Things to Do in Rarotonga Island: Attractions And Activities

Experience a Rarotonga "Island Night" is one of the best things to do in rarotonga
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Watching colorful reefs, crystal blue water, and stunning views are among the best things to do in Rarotonga. It is the most popular and largest Cook Island, located 3,400 km northeast of New Zealand. This volcanic island offers tourists palm trees, beaches, hiking in the rainforest, and safe blue lagoons. This island’s natural beauty dates back to the 6th century, and it has a rich cultural history. If you want to visit here to enjoy the beautiful views of the beaches, water, and palm trees, you must know about this island. So, keep reading this post to learn about the different things to do in this area

things-to-do-in-rarotonga-island: attractions-and-activities

Titikaveka Beach

adventures at titikaveka beach is one of the best things to do in rarotonga

Titikaveka Beach is a beautiful place with pure fine sand, crystal water, and long-lasting coastlines. It is ranked in 7th place out of 17 beaches and covered with palm trees, and gives natural shade. As a tourist, you’ll also experience relaxation, sunbathing, fun activities, and swimming.

Visitors can easily access this unique beach by taxi within 21 minutes from Rarotonga International Airport. You can enjoy sunset views and many water sports here, like swimming with turtles and riding water scooters. If you want to absorb the best sunbathing and swimming activities, you must visit here in the dry season.

Muri Lagoon

explore muri beach is one of the best things to do in rarotonga

Muri Lagoon is a lovely destination for tourists with soft white sand, coconut trees, teal water, and marine life. The lagoon is located on the eastern side of Cook Island, famous for its four beautiful Mounts. It provides many things to do in Rarotonga and a chance to closely observe the exotic marine life.

Tourists can enjoy a lot of water activities here, like fishing, swimming, sun-basking, and scuba diving. You can easily reach this romantic beach in 16 minutes from Rarotonga International Airport. It will also help you to enjoy walking along to the beach and relaxing under the coconut trees with an interesting book.

Explore Aroa Marine Reserve

explore aroa marine reserve is best things to do in rarotonga

Aroa Marine Reserve is one of the best snorkeling spots in the world, with clean and clear water. It is located on the southwest tip of Rarotonga Island, famous for its diverse marine life. You can observe many brightly-covered fish species here, such as Angelfish and parrot fish.

Tourists can enjoy scenic views of the near places, swimming, relaxation, and basking under the sun. Enjoying the beautiful sunset views, photography, and relaxing at this beach are the best things to do in Rarotonga. People can reach this great reserve within 12 minutes by road from the international airport of this island.

Explore Black Rock Beach

 Black Rock Beachthings to do in rarotonga

Black Rock Beach is the most popular area with golden sand, clear crystal water, and smooth black rocks. It is a great destination spot to visit, and is located in the coastal city of Da Nang. If you’re a nature lover, you must visit this beach to experience the geological wonders and photography.

People can enjoy a lot of things to see in Rarotonga like the beautiful sunset and breathtaking views. Moreover, they can enjoy water activities here, like swimming, diving, snorkeling, and camping in September and May. Tourists have to travel for 47 minutes to reach here from Kahului airport by hiring a car.

Raro Mountain Safari Tour

Raro Mountain Safari Tour is one of the best things to do in rarotonga

Raro Mountain Safari Tour is a four-wheel tour that offers visitors many scenic places, like Te Rue Manga. On this tour, you will see expert guides having deep knowledge of local history and culture. The complete tour takes 2-3 hours and is open on Sunday from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

It also opens on Monday from 9 to 4 pm with a gap of 1 hour. On your tour, you will enjoy the picturesque areas, sunrise views, and pristine sightseeing views. The best time to visit this tour is from September to November and February to April.

Experience a Rarotonga “Island Night”

Experience a Rarotonga "Island Night" is one of the best things to do in rarotonga

Spending nights in the Cook Islands will give you a chance to experience the traditional feast and dancing. You can find many hotels around Rarotonga, offering visitors a delicious buffet meal and local dishes like Ika mata. It is an interesting experience to eat these dishes made in the natural earth oven.

After dinner, you can enjoy shining exhibits of costumes, dance, and music. It is a destination for tourists visiting the Cook Islands to enjoy evening fun. Moreover, Rarotonga Island has different night schedules on weekdays.

Explore Punanga Nui Market

Explore Punanga Nui Market  is one of the best things to do in rarotonga

Punanga Nui Market is a Saturday market that represents the colorful culture of the Cook Islands. It is the busiest and most popular market day for both locals and visitors. The market is also open on weekdays and provides a variety of products, such as vegetables and fruits.

They can enjoy tropical smoothies, tasty foods, fruity drinks, and fresh coconuts at this market. A taxi from Rarotonga International Airport will take them to this beautiful market in 5 minutes. The market opens on Saturday at 8:00 AM and continues from Monday to Friday until 2 or 3:00 AM.

Explore Historic Museum Te Ara Museum

Historic Museum Te Ara Museum

Te Ara Museum is a cultural enterprise and was established in 2017 by Stan Wolfgramm and Julie Smith. It is famous for significant local business supporters, located in Muri, Rarotonga, and Cook Islands. This is a good place to spend a few hours here, and it opens daily from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

This museum is a great place to have fun, buy unique souvenirs, and explore ancient artifacts. Exploring this traditional site is among the most worthwhile things to see in Rarotonga with your family and friends. You can reach this place by road within 5 minutes from Rarotonga International Airport.


Both New Zealand and Rarotonga, part of the Cook Islands, offer breathtaking natural beauty and unique experiences. The Cook Islands have a lot of unique things to do in Rarotonga, including visiting the black rock beach. Tourists can enjoy the most beautiful sunset and sunrise views, water sports, swimming, sun-basking, and diving. You can also experience its traditional sites, culture and historical significance, and ancient artifacts.

It is one of the most popular, beautiful, and well-preserved areas to visit in July and August. If you want to enjoy your holiday trip here, you have to plan a suitable time schedule. This will help you enjoy your destination better without any trouble.

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