The Top Famous Landmarks in Switzerland

some famous landmarks in switzerland
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Various famous landmarks in Switzerland are unique and incredible attractions around the world. It is a mountainous country located in west-central Europe with many beautiful lakes, villages, and alpine high peaks. Among these, Ski resorts or hiking trails are the most attractive tourist destinations.

Its land features and structures are the most noticeable reasons why tourists love visiting this part of the world. The main reason for a large group of visitors is its attractive, spacious landscapes, architectural wonders, cathedrals, and castles. Moreover, it is a fantastic opportunity to travel through the diverse cultures and landscapes of this beautiful country.

Visiting different places is a satisfying key to keeping your mood happy and fresh. You need to know about the place you’re thinking of traveling to in the future. Switzerland has many amazing sightseeing areas that will let you enjoy your holiday. So, keep reading to know what famous places you can experience here.

The Enigmatic Matterhorn

The Enigmatic Matterhorn is a unique, iconic mountain and one of the most beautiful and historical landmarks in Switzerland. Its height is about 4,478 meters or 14,692 feet above sea level, and it has a pyramidal shape. This special landscape within the Alps is famous for its unique shape and rich history.

It is a remarkable formation with a diverse geology that reveals its evolution and history. If you have holidays and are going to travel, visiting here is preferable because of the tourist’s designated place to visit. You can take photos, enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain, and hike here.

Location: Matterhorn mountain Zermatt, Switzerland.

The best time to visit: Winter and summer seasons.

How to reach: It takes almost 4 hours via bus to reach Matterhorn from Zurich Airport.

Serene Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a deep lake located on the north side of the Alps and is the largest lake in Western Europe. The depth of the lake is 310 feet, and it is spread out over 7975 square kilometers. Sixty percent of the area belongs to Switzerland and forty percent to France.

You can experience the beautiful and unique up-close sightseeing views of the estates and a relaxing sitting place here. Because of its natural beauty, it is counted among the most famous landmarks in Switzerland.

Location: Lake Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Best time to visit: June to August

How to reach: Take a bus at the airport that travels to the bus stop near the lake.


some famous landmarks in switzerland

Jungfraujoch is one of the most iconic, beautiful, and famous landmarks in Switzerland. It is 3,463 meters or 11,362 feet above sea level and can be overlooked by the prominence of the Sphinx. This landmark is located between the mountains of Mönch and Jungfrau, also known as the top of Europe.

You’ll experience it as a tourist’s top designated place to relax and see nature’s beauty. If you’re traveling in the winter season, you can visit snow fun parks for skiing, zip lines, sledding, etc. Besides, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Glacier Plateau, located 10 minutes away from Jungfraujoch railway station.

Location: Jungfraujoch, Lauterburnnen, Switzerland.

The best time to visit: December to early March.

How to reach: It takes 2 hours by bus to reach Jungfraujoch from Zürich International Airport.

Château de Chillon:

Château de Chillon is one of the famous landmarks in switzerland

Château de Chillon is a medieval castle located at the eastern end of Lake Geneva. It is one of the most visited historical landmarks in Switzerland and has stood for 1000 years like a rock. Every year, more than 400,000 tourists visit this castle to enjoy its beautiful view.

You can see the amazing paintings on the walls, as well as its ancient structure and architectural designs. These things make it attractive and provide the tourists with unique historical sightseeing.

Location: Château de Chillon, Veytaux, Switzerland.

Best time to visit: Spring and summer

How to reach: It takes an hour to reach Château de Chillon from Geneva Airport via bus.

Rhapsody of Rhine Falls

Rhapsody of Rhine Falls  is one of the famous landmarks in switzerland

The Rhine Falls is the most powerful waterfall in Europe, located on the High Rhines on the border. This popular tourist attraction has one million visitors every year. Its height is about 23 meters, and the water flows at an impressive speed of 600,000 liters per second.

Remember to bring a camera to capture the beautiful, picturesque waterfall area. If you’re traveling to Switzerland on a holiday, you must visit here for relaxing moments.

Location: Rheinfalls, Laufen, Uhwiesen, Switzerland.

Best time to visit: May to September

How to reach: It takes 32 minutes to reach Rhine Falls from Zurich via taxi.


The Gornergrat is a mountain in Zermatt, located in the Pennine Alps, 3000 meters above sea level. It is the third-longest glacier in the Alps, providing visitors with unparalleled views. Everyone should visit this place at least once in a lifetime.

The natural beauty of this historical and magnificent mountain fulfills your need to have fun in the lap of nature. It is a diverse hiking paradise where you can enjoy the hiking trails, cycling routes, etc.

Location: Gornergrat, Zermatt, Switzerland.

Best time to visit: During summer

How to reach: It takes 4 hours 37 minutes to reach Gornergrat from Zurich International Airport via train.


Europe’s famous landmarks in Switzerland are the most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations. This country has the most foreign visitors because of the natural beauty of its mountains. As an adventurous person, you can also enjoy visiting them for activities like hiking trails, cycling routes, etc.

If you’re thinking of traveling to this country, remember to visit the landmarks that best suit your taste. In winter, you can enjoy the Snow Fun Park and also see the beautiful, breathtaking sights of mountains like Gornergrat. Visiting here will give you long-lasting memories with your loved ones.

Switzerland is not only the wealthiest country on the European continent but also the most visited place among tourists. Although its official language is not only one, people speak many other languages, such as Swiss German, French, etc. Its snow-covered mountains are another spot that has an exceptional effect on tourists.

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