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places to vsit in islamabad

Islamabad means the city of Islam and is the capital of Pakistan. It is the ninth-largest city in Pakistan. This is the most beautiful city in Pakistan. The total area of Islamabad is 906 square kilometers. There are many lovely places to visit in Islamabad. Islamabad is the most beautiful capital in the South Asia region. The main reason for its beauty is Margalla Hill. Margalla hills surround the city. This is the fastest-growing city in all aspects. Islamabad is the safest city in Pakistan. Islamabad is a lush green city not only in Pakistan but also in South Asia. In other words, this city has a lot of tourist spots. Here, we will shortlist the five best places to visit in Islamabad.


margalla hills is the best place to visit in islamabad

Margalla hills surround Islamabad. Margalla Hills is one of the best places to visit in Islamabad. These hills are 70% of the total Islamabad beauty. Margalla Hills are filled with beautiful wildlife and also excellent trails. There is a total of 6 tracks on Margalla Hills for hiking. All six trails are well-marked and adequately maintained. The 6th trail is the most beautiful.Â. Margalla Hills offers fresh air and a serene atmosphere. Many locals and foreigners come here for picnic parties. The view from the top of Margalla Hills is vast, and the scenery is beautiful. Daman-e-Koh is the most famous and beautiful point of Margalla Hills. The view from the top of Margalla hills overlooking the lush green city is fantastic. From this point, the night view of Islamabad is more charming. These scenic views and fresh air make Margalla one of Islamabad’s best places to visit.


rawal lake is the best place to visit in islamabad

Rawal Lake is a man-made lake that provides the water needs of Islamabad city. This lake is 2nd best place to visit in Islamabad.Â. This lake is an artificial reservoir of water and a source of entertainment for tourists. People come here at the weekend for a picnic. The area of Rawal Lake is about 8.8 kilometers square. There are a lot of activities to do on Rawal Lake. The main activities on Rawal Lake are boating, cliff jumping, and scuba diving. There is also some play area for children. This lake itself has scenery views. The sunset on Rawal Lake is picturesque. Flower trees and greenery surround this lake.


saidpur village is the best place to visit in islamabad

Saidpur village is located near Daman-e-Koh in Islamabad. This village has a special place for Hindus in Islamabad. This place is a special place for Hindus and attractive for tourists. This place is associated with God Rama. Hindus believed that Rama lived here during 13 years of their exile. Saidpur village is 3rd best place to visit in Islamabad and is rich with a cultural perspective. Curiously, at the entry of Saidpur village, there was a decent eatery with exceptionally heavenly food. You could complete the tour of the village and the historical center in 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Then, at that point, it is great to rest and attempt the heavenly food and partake in the view in the restaurant. This village is a beautiful arts and crafts Museum. This place has become the best place to know the history of Islamabad. There are good views across the Saidpur village and into the Margalla hills. It is the best place in Islamabad for a family tour. This place is also the best summary of Punjab culture.


monal resturant is the best place to visit in islamabad

Monal restaurant is famous for its location and food quality. This restaurant is located at Daman-e-Koh on Margalla hills. This restaurant is situated in stunning scenic Daman-e-Koh in Islamabad. This restaurant offers you to eat tasty food in the company of nature. The views of the Monal restaurant are breathtaking, especially at sunset. The sunset of the Monal restaurant is fantastic. The Monal restaurant’s location is excellent for enjoying the bird’s eye view of lush green Islamabad. The restaurant’s service is good, and the servers are also cooperative.  It is the best place to visit in Islamabad. Without exploring this place, your Islamabad tour will remain incomplete. If you ever visit Islamabad, Monal restaurant should be on your priority list.


faisal mosque is the best place to visit in islamabad

Faisal mosque is the symbol of Islamabad city. Faisal mosque is the most iconic structure not only in Pakistan but also on the globe. Due to its unique design, Faisal mosque is also the best place to visit in Islamabad. This mosque was named after the former king of Saudi Arabia, Shah Faisal. Faisal mosque is the 2nd largest mosque in the world, with a capacity of 300,000 worshippers. Faisal mosque is located at the foothills of Margalla; that is why this mosque offers more scenic views. It has four minarets at four corners. From a distance, the mosque looks like a beautiful white tent. This mosque is a great place to pray; you will feel your inner peace here. There is a library in the basement of the mosque. The library contains books that tell us how they built this fantastic mosque. The mosque is so beautiful from both outside and inside. In short, this mosque is a masterpiece of architecture in the city’s center. The mosque is fantastic, and the design of a Bedouin tent is so palpable. It was beautiful to see, especially near sunset. Faisal mosque is the most beautiful place to visit in Islamabad, which adds to the scenery of Islamabad.

Pakistan is full of attractions. There are many beautiful places in Pakistan for tourists. GOD gives everything to Pakistan that makes it attractive. The landscapes of Pakistan are unique. Islamabad is the most beautiful and growing city in Pakistan. It is a fact that Islamabad is the most expensive city in Pakistan. The reason is that Islamabad is a posh city in Pakistan. The lake view area is the most expensive all over Pakistan. So it’s a small overview of Islamabad city. Here, we shortlist only the five best places to visit in Islamabad. We hope you enjoy our virtual tour of the lush green jungle. Share your opinion in the comment section.


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